Frequently Asked Questions


If I sign up and pay today, when will my next payment be withdrawn?

30 Days from day of initial payment

Do you have a sibling discount?


Do we have to buy a new uniform this year?


Do you have a 501c set up for scholarships?

No, not yet

Do the Rawlings uniforms fit true to size?


What is all included in the Uniform Package?

2 PTS 30 mesh back hats, 3 Rawlings jerseys, 2 pairs of Rawlings pants, and  the best helmet on the market which is Rawlings with the face flap

What is the chain of command when it comes to communication?

Coach -> Director -> Corporate Office

Can we pay with credit card? 

Yes you can, but you will need to call the corporate office (972-975-9079) and pay it over the phone as the only option to pay online is using E Check (your bank account and routing number).  To use a credit card you will be charged the balance in full plus a 4% service fee.  


Does USA Prime have access to our banking info? 

No they will not, all payment processing is done through a secured 3rd party payment processing company that is PCI compliant. 


Should I still select personal account even if it's a business account when paying? 

Yes please always select personal account


Can I register on my phone? 

Some people have called and said they couldn't register on their phones, but were able to immediately register when they did it from a computer.  


What are corporate office hours? 

Monday - Friday 10am-6pm 


Once I enter uniform sizes is the registration process finished?  

No, the process is not complete until the first payment is made.  Your uniform size & contact information responses will not save if you do not complete the entire process and make initial payment.

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